Professor of Control Systems Engineering

Catedrātic d'Universitat

d’Enginyeria de Sistemes i Automātica



University of Girona

Department of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Automatic Control

Institute of Informatics and Applications

Campus Montilivi, Building P-IV, 17071 Girona, Spain.


Skype: ningsu.luo



My research activities are focused on modeling, identification, control and monitoring of systems with complex dynamics such as parametric uncertainties, unknown disturbances, time-delays, nonlinearities, dynamic couplings and actuator dynamics, in order to improve the performance of controlled processes in stability, precision, robustness, disturbance rejection, autonomous functioning, etc.

Different model based control algorithms have been developed using robust control, predictive control, sliding mode control, backstepping control, QFT control, H2/H-infinity control, and adaptive control, and non-model based control algorithms have also been developed mainly using fuzzy logic control, neural network control and statistical control, etc.

The developed control methods have been successfully applied to different engineering fields:

-      Temperature control of industrial processes.

-      Compensation of servodrive mechanical resonance in large telescope.

-      Estimation and control of the continuous fermentation of baker’s yeast.

-      Vibration mitigation in civil engineering structures (buildings and bridges) in presence of earthquake and turbulent wind by using active and semiactive structural control.

-      Vibration reduction in automotive suspension systems using MR damper.

-      Vibration reduction in airplane landing gears using MR damper.  

-      Autonomous navigation of the mobile robot in unstructured environments.

-      Control and monitoring of wind turbines.

-      Robust and fault-tolerant control of the blood glucose in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus.

-      Control of thermoelectric generator for reducing emissions in natural gas heavy-duty vehicles


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